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The fight to establish the truth in the sand of time is concrete as long as the earth remains,

Seed time and harvest shall not seize, What is this forecasting, and who made this promise?

Day and night come and gone and we seems not to realize their purpose,
What a chance to be part and parcel of this mission
Wait a minute! What is our purpose of this mission?

To come live fight, struggle, eat, die and go?,
chai this is a big question that must be answered urgently less we trade in vain

We are no more comfortable because the fight and struggles hits us badly and the more we stretch the more it becomes hard, who will help us in this fight oh i cry…

Let the soul of the seeker of truth see peace even when his struggles let no peace in the mist of his adversary.

The fight is still on, victory is expected,
Though we are hated, never mind or be afraid, Stay put and draws the sword of truth, This is the fight we were all trusted to defend

Stand still for the truth
Stay with the truth
Fight for the truth
And one day the end shall bring no shame
As we all fight for the truth.

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