WEEKLY CONTEST - Poetry Game - Day 5 - Reward Pool 50 STEEM

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Emotional poetry


Photo Cradit @dobartim

How many nights I cried with deep pain and tears fall in my chest.I am drowning in emptiness, you take me back.

Why don't you understand that I am helpless without you, all my love surrounds you.

As much as my guilt was with you, you forgive me.I remember more than I thought I would forget.

I can't forget all those days left. Why don't you understand?

Spring also came that day, love was endless in the chest. I brought flowers, roses, kadam, krishnacura to come.

I wrote songs, poems and love rhymes, but you are not come.If you don't give love, you still know, don't give love, just take love and I don't want anything.

If you hurt my smile face, you know it will come back one day. Maybe one day before or after death.If you come back in one of the moonlight night, maybe you will get my memories not me

Thenks for read my poetry.. have a great day

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