Now is the time to invest in Steem - Second I made my investment.

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You may not think investing money in steem as a very profitable business for now, but I made my second investment. The $100 investment I made may sound funny to you, but I'll keep it up. Because now is the time to invest. I continue to invest with my current opportunities. I invested around $200 in 2 weeks. While investing here, the commission rates of crypto exchanges annoy me. What is the easiest way to invest? I don't know this. Since I came to this platform, it has been said to invest, but no one tells the best way to invest. Since I see only one poloniex site when I enter my wallet, I invest from this site. More precisely, I first buy BNB from and transfer the BNB to poloniex. Then I convert BNB to BTC and get steem. Then I send it to my account. In fact, I found these purely through my own research and experimentation. There has to be an easier way around this. I couldn't find a very explanatory article on this subject. Here it is said to invest constantly, but it is not said how to invest. If your brain isn't working a bit, it may take you weeks to figure out how to invest here. Anyway, I invested for the 2nd time. Investing for now will be a very profitable business. I think like this. If I had bought $100 Steem last month, I would have bought 90-95 steems. But now I'm buying Steem close to 200 steem. Steem will not stay at this value. Investors will win now. I may not be able to make money with these small investments, but these investments will accelerate me to progress. Someone who thinks the end can not be a hero.




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I think if you buy steem now, you will definitely be lucky.

I said the same thing in my post. :)

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