Gentle traces of emotion

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I'm looking for a boss at the intersection of moral drama, no one wants to accept responsibility and everyone wants to get the best rewards for themselves. Professional codices create a flutter of feelings on the wind of good challenges, we are polluted with material rubbish that we clean with white truth.


The Empire of Love receives an unlimited number of travellers with pure heart and intentions, the strength of the people is in the pure heart and the clever mind that forms the moral codes of desire. The smell of snow throws a romantic light on the trails we make, this is our time for magnificent changes.

We denounce the secrets of emotions that connect the consciousness and heart of the universe, you circle around my intentions as a gentle lioness. I read the fire in your eyes, it's a sign that connects love to our common destiny. Feel the power of every thought and word, this is a fiery emotion that never stops.

I want a dose of love directly into the artery of the senses, I feel your warm heart in every thought that goes through my restless mind. We organize parties with volcanic emotions, energy raises passion for the level of new vibration that burns in the heart.


Original poetry written by @dobartim
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