Lost Reality

in Steem Schools4 months ago
Principles agree to new paths for the perfect artistic steps of magnificent love, set traps for wonderful kisses, and return to happy moments. Intimate touches shine in the heart of desire, time shows the best traces of our experience in the consequences.


The holiday celebrates our happiness with the music of star joy, the cities are bright in a romantic way in the eyes of your mysticism. We are unbelievably good with people who respect us, free us from the chain of attachment, and go to the sources of change.

An unknown future mixed with the emotions of love and the enthusiasm of the illusion of happiness, maybe we have gone far beyond our ability to search for lost gold. The diplomacy of wisdom guides us through the narrow paths of success, listen to our intuition, and go to our destiny.

The main ambitions open the paths of love romance in the night sun of light challenges, the chemistry of spiritual components shows signs of a healthy life. You are famous in the world of virtual images, you show the virtues of success at the podium for the wise movements of artistic logic.



Beautiful poetry✨🙌🏼 Greetings!