Selfish and Ignore

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These two words are very important for life. The role of these two words to be good is infinite, you will be good from the time you learn to be selfish and ignore.
You are not good, you are responsible for it yourself, why are you not good if you go to find the reason, then you will see that someone is neglecting you, avoiding you, putting huge interests on your head but you can't ignore them, you can't have your own interests. To impose on them.
Notice those who ignore you or have a vested interest in you, but they are happy to swear only you are unhappy because you can't ignore, you don't even know how to be selfish.
You don't have to put up with your teeth all the time and understand everything. Sometimes you have to say 'no'. If you want to survive, you have to learn to say 'no', you have to avoid it, you have to wash your face if you get hurt too much. Then you will be fine.
"Neglect is not just a word, it's another name for suffering." Whoever neglects you, you also neglect him, whoever avoids you, you also avoid him, if you want to go ahead again and again in the hope of getting closer, in return you will only suffer.
Don't go to explain to him who doesn't understand you, don't be a laughing stock to him who can't stand you. Personality is big value, just why are you wasting your sacred passion for the wrong people? Emotions are very expensive, if you give all the emotions to the wrong person, what will the real person give him?
Block the one you can't see from everything, avoid the one who can't see you, you'll be fine. Honestly, it will be good. Say goodbye to the wrong people, turn around and look around, you will see hundreds of people waiting for you.
The man who has become selfish, has learned to ignore the importance of being selfish and learning to ignore in order to be good in life. You too will learn, time will teach you, but learn from yourself rather than teach time because -
"Time not only teaches, it also goes through hardships !!"


God this article makes me feel good! It really helps me think about the bad things I'm doing to myself in the hope that I'm trying to do good to the wrong person.


Nice post, thanks


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