NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY - The Beauty of the Reflection of the North Aceh Government Office Building.

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Good Afternoon My Steemians Friends. I hope all of you are doing well. This afternoon I will show some photos of the new Regent's Office Building in Lhoksukon District. This photo is a collection I took after it rained, so I got the reflection of the building in the stagnant water. The results of the photo are so beautiful. I took this photo from the side near a wide field. Here is a small but not deep column, which was created by ExxonMobil first. The North Aceh Regent's Office Building is the Office of the Head of the North Aceh Regency Government. The location is in Lhoksukon District. This building was just completed in 2020 ago and is now functioning. All Aceh Government employees have moved to this new building. Previously, the North Aceh Government Office was in Lhokseumawe City. These are some of my collection photos that I took with my cellphone camera. Hope friends here like it :




This life is never separated from Nature. Because nature always makes us excited because of its beauty. The beauty of Nature makes me smile and pleases my heart. And I can forget for a moment the hardships of my life struggle. I am a person who is always addicted to nature, there is not a day that I don't use to record beauty with my cellphone camera. Photography is a hobby that I have been doing for a long time. I'm always looking for beautiful moments about nature that I can capture with my cellphone camera.





Photo Capture byCellular Camera Realme 6 Pro
Photography CatagoryNature Photography
Location CaptureGovernment Office Building, North Aceh
Photografer by@tucsond


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nice sharpen Photography... are you using gcam??

No, I am just using my cellphone camera, HP Realme 6 Pro is a cellphone that has good sharpness, it has a telephoto camera. there are 6 cameras in this cellphone.

yes, i know about it .. it's one of the best phone of 2020.

Yes you are right. Thanks You For Your Support.

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Best Photographies All Good Working Keep It Up @tucsond

Thanks You My Friend For Your Support.

What a lovely and charming building for the government of your local area. It has a lot of interesting combinations from different colours. Receive my support and greetings from me. Have a great week. #venezuela #affable

Thanks You for Your very sweet comment and your visit. This is the Government Building which has just been completed.