Share The Beauty Behind Photography of Blooming Flowers


Some of the beauty of photography that I discovered in the past two weeks I would like to dedicate with Steemit to this evening. and it is not a coincidence that I did it to find some flowers around the yard or behind the bush. Even though I only have the lens from my personal smartphone camera. but this didn't discourage me. because in my opinion, no matter how strong the quality of the camera lens we have, if we don't have a shooting technique, the results will not be good





I remain optimistic to do my best. and of course motivate yourself to get better results. I took macro shots of these beautiful flowers at several different locations.

Thank you, I hope all of this will turn out beautiful in its time.




Hi friends, how are you? You will be fine. I saw your post. It was very beautiful. I liked your way of posting very much. I hope you will keep posting like this and keep telling us how to work like this.

thank you friends for stopping by at my post. I feel motivated by your comments. Once again, thank you

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