What Do You Think (Music Themed 5-Minute Freewrite Challenge)

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Good day to all freewriters! This is my entry for the freewrite prompt "what do you think", which is music themed. If willing to participate on the challenge, visit the profile of @mariannewest, who initiated the 5-Minute Freewrite Challenge, as well as @feeewritehouse to learn about freewrite and for the daily prompt.

Back then, there are bands which are named after places. Chicago may be one of those most successful, there goes Boston, and America too. Some bands may haven't achieved success like the three bands mentioned above, but they'll be remembered because of their band names. Another band which achieved big success in UK and Europe, and even in Asia, is Texas.

Their band name wasn't really named after the place, but it has connection as they took their name from a movie with "Texas" on its title. I actually just found the band has debuted in 1980s, but I just learned about them in 1997 through their probably biggest hit "Say What You Want". Wondering what Texas music sounds like during the second half of 1990s? I can't define their music to be honest. They sounded pop, alternative rock, and even R&B at some point. Also, the vocalist, Sharleen Spiteri, has a unique voice that I haven't heard from any female singer. Sharleen also has the strong personality, and she doesn't care "what do you think" about her.

Say What You Want

The first song I heard from the band. It actually sounds pop, and when I heard their subsequent singles, they sounded different from this one. Anyway, this song is pretty catchy, and it was hit then.


Once in a Lifetime

There's a touch of R&B in this pop tune, and I cam hear the similarity of the song "Creep" by TLC. Sharleen explains that you will only find the right person once in your lifetime, so basically it's a love song. It was a top 5 hit then in the UK.

Summer Son

I used to think it's "Summer Sun" when in fact, it is "son". I bet many got confused on the song. This song gave the band their second top 10 from "The Hush" album.


Here is a freewrite entry, music themed, for the prompt "what do you think" created through the app squibler.io.

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