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Hi everyone's! How are you today?

It's really very beautiful today, when I wake up in the morning to see the atmosphere around it feels very fresh, today is very different from the previous days, this is really evident from all the activities of the people passing by doing their daily agendas.

This joy is also felt by every animal and also the plants around it, without my realizing it my eyes looked towards one of my wife's ornamental plants which was blooming and developing like the sun was running according to its axis.

It is a very happy looking flower that is growing and developing as it should be, it grows upright longitudinally with its strong stalk so that it can bear any pistil of a blush or pink color.

❄Has a series of names

Every object in this world certainly has a series of different names and varies between them, it also depends on the region and each nation that embeds it.

Likewise with the name of this flower, of course, has various names pinned to it. Based on survey results in our country, he has a list of names, both names are called in verbal or non-verbal language.

So in this case I already have several names for this one flower, which is dubbed according to its characteristics as well as according to its growth. The following is a list of names that are often referred to by our local people:

NumberEmbedded nicknamesReason for naming
1Flowers at 10 o'clockIt blooms every 10 in the morning
2Beautiful womanHe has a charming color like a woman wearing a pink shirt
3Similikitie flowerBased on the words of the local film actor "Eumpang breuh"
4The charming scentTaken from its charming aroma in the morning
5Maida santosaSigned from one of the ornamental flower lovers

And there are many other names that have been pinned for him, the point is that the name will increase when people like him.

I myself also have a unique name for her, I have pinned this based on the explanation above, therefore I really like to call her the "Little Beautiful"

It is possible for your to also give another name when the real name is not known either scientifically or otherwise.
In essence, you will embed it when you like it even though there is no mutual agreement in naming it.

When you see this flower and that, if you pay attention to it, you will put your heart on this flower, then why do many people ignore it, it's because people don't pay attention for a while and then they are forgotten. But when you pay attention to it then automatically your will like it.

In the case when you are often with him and often take care of him, it will automatically be liked.


Because looking at him there is a feeling of incomparable happiness towards him. This has been done by one of the Haviland-Jones experts.

He sent three types of packages to 147 different women. The three packages are a candle, a fruit basket and a flower bouquet. Haviland-Jones sent the package as a gift. In fact, these packages were variable in the psychological studies he conducted. Meanwhile, package deliverers are observers who see the facial expressions of each recipient. After studying, Haviland-Jones discovered something that surprised him. All the women who got the flowers displayed a Duchenne smile, a sincere expression that psychologists considered "the only indicator of true joy."

Likewise with this one flower, he is also liked because people who see him and take care of him will be very happy when his eyes look at him fondly.

Thus this brief explanation about a flower that grows and develops around you, I hope you like it. Thank you very much.

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