The Beauty of Red Clover — Colorchallenge Monday Red

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We have a tiny patch in our vegetable garden that we have nicknamed "The Meadow," even though it is no more than about 3 feet by 8 feet in size.

However, this small space is filled with colorful wildflowers in the summer.

One of my favorites is the red clover.


It is not only a very pretty flower, it is also a utility plant.

You can brew a really nice tea with the flowers; it becomes a lovely pink and tastes slightly sweet.


The "wild" version of red clover is a dark pink; the flowers in our "meadow" are a pure red because they have been cultivated for appearance.

In part of the world, red clover is grown as a feed plant, and as a way to improve soil quality. It is quite hardy.


Part of what I enjoy about it is its very long growing season. That last photo was taken just a few days ago, and there were still fresh blooms!

And we have already had a few sleet/snow showers of this season.

Thanks for having a look at my post!

(All photos are my own!)


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