Nice content bro keep it up.

Thank you dear for stopping by here and for the appreciation.

Wooow really you are a artist bro and thanks for inviting me i must be participate

You are welcome ☺️

 3 months ago 

A beautiful bracelet, which you have made with threads of different colors. The spheres gave a touch of elegance to your creation.

Thanks for sharing.

Yeah thank you dear fellow.

I am really impressed by your work. What a beautiful yarn you have made, really amazing. I really like what you have created. And thank you very much for trying to present it to us in such a simple way that you have made it.

Thank you dear for stopping by here ☺️ and thanks for your lovely response. Yeah o have made it simple but I tried to make it unique.

Hola @mohammadfaisal. Su pulcera le quedo muy bonita, la combinación de colores son muy llamativo. Suerte en este desafío.

Thank you dear for stopping by here and yes the bracelet is looking just lovely.

 3 months ago 

Hola amiga te felicito está muy lindo tu trabajo, me encantó y se ve fácil.

Gracias por compartir.


Thank you dear fir having a look and appreciating my work.

Ohhh my, such a beautiful bracelet, I am impressed, creating a bracelet with the use of threads of different colors which will add value to the beauty of human

Yes sure this simple bracelet is ready to enhance the beauty and we can gift these bracelets to our family members m, our friends as well.

Good, thanks for showing us the procedure to do that, I can make some for myself also since it can be unisex

Yes you should make it

Of course I will

Linda creación, me encantó el proceso y la combinación de colores es fantástica

Thank you dear for stopping by here and giving your review.

Wow. You made making a bracelet look relatively easy. coupled with the fact that bracelets are becoming expensive of late. I feel all lovers of bracelet should follow the guideline you stated here to become an expert in making bracelets.

I made an entry to the contest also. Kindly check it out by clicking here

Thank you dear for stopping by here and I agree with you that the brackets are going sky high. Yes sure I'll try my best check it.

Wow your bracelet is really beautiful friend I love seeing creative act like this, this bracelet is lovely most especially now that inflation is affecting the world economy.
I say because it is much more cheap and economical.

thanks for sharing such

Yes dear fellow it is really economic and beautiful as well. Thanks for stopping by here.

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