Dance and have fun week 156 - This dance event is three years old

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Dear dance lovers

This event is three years old. Join the dance community today!

Thank you for taking part in this event!

This account does not leave comments or write reviews on videos. The purpose of this account is to deliver prizes and to upvote other members' posts.

This account has converted over 3300 STEEM to STEEM POWER so far and it's increasing its voting power.

How to enter:

One entry per person only.

Upvote and resteem this post!

This dance event is aimed at people over 18 years old.

Write a post in the "Dance" community,

Videos should be at least one minute long.

The title should be, "Dance and have fun week 156"

Create your entry post by next Thursday, 26/08/21.

Prizes vary. They are in STEEM if this post receives a decent payout otherwise they are delivered in "Dance and music" tokens (DAM).

Use #dance as one of your tags.

How to exchange your DAM (Dance and music) for STEEM. Visit,

How to support this and other projects:

Please upvote and share this post!

Contribute some STEEM or Dance and music tokens (DAM) to @danceandmusic.

Please read,

Feel free to leave a comment and thank you for reading!

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