Welcome my seeds all the way from Japan! / 日本から種が届いた!


Plant quarantine to import seeds to EU gets stricter. Before, it was fine to write down what seeds are inside on a seed bag for those allowed to import from Japan to Germany. But since the beginning of 2020, all the seeds need a certificate from Japanese quarantine office!

https://www.maff.go.jp/pps/j/search/e_hayami_yubin.pdf (Japanese)

Luckily one of my friends is good at handling these import/export things, I could receive some seeds from Japan today. This time I was asked to hand in receipts of the seeds by the German custom office and took a while to finally get the packet.

German quarantine office asked me to pay 12 EUR for the seed check. Somehow OK somehow expensive ...

I decided to try harder to keep seeds by myself this year. But ja, my friend packed a book about Japanese traditional veggies ... I already have some seeds I want to import from Japan again ;) ;) That's gardening life!




今年は種取りを頑張ろうと思いつつ、種と一緒に友人が入れてくれた伝統種の野菜の本を読み始めたらまたほしい日本の種が増え・・・園芸欲がつきません ;)

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