What is the voting mana...?

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I hope you all are well. Today I am going to talk about voting mana. What is this voting mana? The voting power that every steemit user has to vote for other users is called voting mana. Each time you give votes, a certain percentage of this voting mana is reduced. The percentage of voting mana that decreases depends on the weight of the vote.

For example, when you cast a vote with a 100% vote weight, a 2% reduction in voting mana occurs.

The percentage of voting mana before casting a vote with 100%
(Screenshot taken from steemworld.org)

The percentage of voting mana after casting a vote with 100%
(Screenshot taken from steemworld.org)

Thus every percentage that decreases is recharged. It will take a few hours. If your voting mana percentage drops by 20%, it will take 24 hours to recharge that 20%. A voting mana decrease of more than 20% will take more than 24 hours to recharge that reduced percentage. Also, a voting mana percentage of less than 20% will recharge in a few hours. In such cases, the time taken is less than 24 hours.

How to check voting mana percentage...?

• You can check your voting mana percentage through Steemworld.org. For this you must login to steemworld.org. By checking the voting mana percentage and giving votes, the voting percentage can be managed correctly. I always start and end voting by checking my voting mana percentage.

Follow this format to login steemworld.org :-https://steemworld.org/@username
( steemworld.org/@your username )

This is my voting mana percentage and votes amounts. Since I have 7800 steem power, a vote with my 100% is worth 0.05$.
(Screenshot taken from steemworld.org)

The value of your 100% vote varies according to the amount of steem power you have.

Can each user adjust their voting percentage..?

Users with less than 500 Steem power cannot change their voting percentage. A custom voting bar like the one below will only appear for users with more than 500 steem power.

(Screenshot taken from my steemit account)

Therefore, the weight of one vote given by new users below 500 steem power is 100%, so every time they vote, the voting mana will decrease by 2%.

What percentage of voting mana is suitable to maintain..?

Every time we vote, the percentage of voting mana decreases by a certain amount according to the voting weight, so it is appropriate to vote up to a voting mana of 80% every day. Because it takes 24 hours to recharge that reduced 20% percentage. If you want to give more valuable votes every day, don't vote until the voting mana is less than 80%. Because when the voting mana is below 80%, it takes more than 24 hours to charge back to 100%.

If you are a new user with less than 500 steem power, you can maintain your voting mana at 80% by giving votes to 10 users per day.

Also, the value of a 100% vote given by a voting mana with 100% is greater than the value of a 100% vote given with a voting mana less than 100%.

Example :-

Vote amounts according with 100% voting mana
(Screenshot taken from steemworld.org)

Vote amounts according with 76% voting mana
(Screenshot taken from steemworld.org)

How to find the date and time it takes to recharge the voting power to 100%

The date and time it takes for your declining voting mana percentage to recharge can be found through steemworld.org. Use the format I mentioned above for that.

(Screenshot taken from steemworld.org)

This screenshot shows the date and time it takes for my voting power to be 100%.

I hope my article was useful to you.

🎀 Thanks for reading 🎀


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