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Time flies by quickly! The year 2023 is one month old already. Even though it seems like only yesterday that I was living in the year 2022, 31 days have flown by already! What's been happening with my cryptocurrency journey? Sincerely, I'd like to monitor my progress month by month and see where I land at the end of the year. I don't typically engage in these kinds of activities, but I assume that if they were recorded on the blockchain, it would greatly enhance my actions and encourage me to make wiser decisions in order to meet my year-end objective.

Steem Power

The ultimate purpose of a Steemit user is to acquire Steem power! Which is also the case for me. Since I have been on the blockchain for a very long time, getting a respectable amount of Steem Power is the main objective! Because of this, I have begun to assemble and activate Steem. I currently have 7600 Steem-power as of today, February 2023.


The main issue out here is getting a good amount of SP. But there are a number of ways to achieve the goal. One of them is making content. which I have already been doing, and things are going really well thus far. I'd want to thank all the Steemit curators that have helped me along the journey.

Stepping Up With My Curation

To be where my vote matters is the objective. By earning curation rewards with this Steem Power, I may support other content creators as I go along in addition to myself. I'm searching for that stage with all of my might, and hopefully I'll find it by the end of the year.


I am currently earning about 54.6 Steem from my last 30 days of curation, according to Steemworld. The initial objective is to double it during the upcoming several weeks. Which will not only assist me in gaining additional Steem power along the way but also encourage me to consider curating other people's contents.

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