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The crypto market has seen some significant green in the past few weeks, from Bitcoin hitting $25k and ETH going above $1.7k... Steem on the other hand wasn't left behind, we see the price of Steem pumped to $0.25. This is actually a good moments for all of us.... This time again I would love to submit my application for the post of a community curator for the month of March 2023. You can check out the recent update from the Steem team to read the rules and criteria for the application.

A brief summary of your history on Steem

I joined the Steemit platform through a friend in October 2020. However, due to some personal issues, I had to take a break not until the beginning of 2021. I came back and I made a lot of friends with some notable Nigerian on the platform who were really important to my exposure and awareness on the platform. I have been quite active, taking part in several community-hosted contests, writing the diary game, making post on my town in ten different pictures, and writing many more high-quality articles. My writing abilities have been put to good use here and I've improved a lot. I've once worked as a community curator using the Steemcurator07 account to vote contents that are related to burnsteem25 and the growth of the Steem blockchain.

I've made memories, had amazing experiences, and learnt a ton as I near the end of my second year on Steemit. I've been here long enough to say that I understand the platform thoroughly enough to want to help it grow and improve.

Details of any positions of responsibility you have held on Steem

I have been devoted and committed to the chain because I am the kind of person who has a lot of faith in the blockchain. I personally think that working hard every day to move closer to the objective is important, regardless of how small the process may be.

I currently have no responsibility or hold any positions on the blockchain; instead, I simply participate actively in a number of communities and create content there.

Details of specialist or professional skills or expertise you have in ‘real life’

I'm a currently in my second year at the tertiary institution studying electronic and computer engineering in Lagos State Polytechnic (LaspoTech)

My field of specialization is graphic and video editing, and I help organizations, such as churches and businesses, create logos and other designs.

I'm currently enrolled in a course in Python and Java script. Additionally, I trade cryptocurrencies and am currently an admin of a crypto signal WhatsApp group.

What country you live

I am from Nigeria, and I currently live and study in Lagos State in the country's southern region. I speak both English language and Yoruba (My native language) very well. Additionally, I only ever write and read articles that are solely written in English.

Your key stats - own SP, CSI, Reputation, Delegations

I currently have a reputation of 71.279 and a total of 7,818.53 SP with 6,810.06 SP are currently effective after delegating 1,000 to support project hope community. I've constantly been powering up to maintain my club100 status. I have a Voting CSI of 6.6 I've given 54 upvotes to 43 accounts in the last 7 days.


My Owned SP and Current CSI

Any subjects you particularly enjoy curating

Owing to my prior involvement with and familiarity with the Steemcurator07 account, which routinely curates quality posts under any tags. I'm willing to curate any contents, and I have confidence that I'll do well with themes related to finance, crypto, creativewriting and lifestyle since these are the subjects of my blog in general.

The minimum team size you would be willing to serve in (1 - 7).

Teamwork has always been something I've valued in the workplace. As a team, we can accomplish more than we can as individuals, and that is something I have always believed in. Therefore, I would absolutely want to serve in a team of 1 to 7 persons because we would be able to curate content every day and have a wide variety of articles to support on the platform.


In conclusion, curating original and high-quality content on the blockchain has always been a great pleasure. As an experienced community curator on Steemit, it would be an honor to be given this position once more. I want to express my gratitude to Steemitblog for this fantastic chance, I hope my application will be considered this time around.

Thank you!


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