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RE: What do we need to see in the AMA live stream between Justin Sun and Ned Scott

Just finished watching your video at x1.5 speed and I believe you covered the key issues with this take over of steemit inc.

Thanks for pulling a all-nighter, and getting this up, hopefully steem, SMT, and communities development stay the same. And this ends up being a win-win.

I know Steem will and this community will do everything in our power to make Steem the game changer we have believed in for so many years.

Hopefully this is not a kick in the teeth. I know for many of us just going to watch this on is a big enough kick in the teeth.

Great to see you posting Matt, I know you're likely busy most of the time with three speak and other projects. But you are a great steemian and it's great to hear the passion in your voice again.


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thanks dylan, its great to see you here! much appreciate the positivity!

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