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Hello to everyone :

-Today I would like to announce our partnership with @steemitfoods X @steemcurator06. As you know, we try to give support for the contest posts you have prepared in the SteemFoods Community, your posts with quality Food and Cooking content from @steemcurator01 - @steemitfoods - @alikoc07 accounts. In addition, I will vote one day a week for the posts you have prepared in the SteemFoods Community using the steemcurator06 account.

@steemitfoods X @steemcurator06 When Does the Partnership Start?

-I will start using the Steemcurator06 account as of 09:05 tomorrow morning. I inform you that I will only use this account 24 hours a week. As @alikoc07, I am also the Representative of the Turkish Community, I have been given permission to use the @steemcurator06 account, but since there is only one active Turkish User on the steemit platform; I asked the steemit team for permission to use the -steemcurator06 account as an extra to support posts in the SteemFoods Community, and they gave permission. So I would like to thank the steemit team and - @steemcurator01 for their support.

Which Days Will I Support Voting With @steemcurator06 Account - Dates?

Information about the dates I will use the Steemcurator06 account:

  • Apart from the Steemcurator06 account, we will continue to vote for your posts with the support of @steemcurator01.
  • First Week: 15.10.2020 - Thursday
  • Week Two: 22.10.2020 - Thursday
  • Week Three: 26.10.2020: Monday - 29.10.2020: Thursday
  • Fourth Week: 05.11.2020 - Thursday

About @steemcurator06 Account:

-Our voting power will increase to 100% tomorrow morning at 09:05. When the voting power is 100%, I will try to reward posts from the SteemFoods Community as much as I can.

  • Approximate Vote Value of SteemCurator06: $ 2.95 - I will distribute a total of $ 29.5 votes.



SteemitFoods Weekly Delegation Award Distribution:

  • 9 days ago I made the Delegation announcement for the -steemitfoods account. On 06-10-2020, 4 participants made delegations to the -steemitfoods account. I mentioned that we will distribute delegation awards weekly for delegating participants. We distribute awards according to the amount of delegation you make 1 week after the day you delegated.

Four Participants Made Delegates on 06-10-2020 and Their Awards:

  • @rypo01 ( 50 SP Delegation - Bronze Partner : Weekly Delegation Award : 0.089 Steem)

  • @charjaim (50 SP Delegation )- Bronze Partner : Weekly Delegation Award : 0.089 Steem)

  • @alokkumar121( 100 SP Delegation )- Silver Partner : Weekly Delegation Award : 0.178 Steem)

  • @lacharrakey ( 100 SP Delegation )- Silver Partner : Weekly Delegation Award : 0.178 Steem)

Delegation Amount Made to Current @steemitFoods Account:

  • Currently, a total of 3200 Steem Delegations have been made from 13 participants to the @steemitfoods account. I would like to thank all the delegates. If you want SteemitFoods Community to grow, you can support us by delegation. Also, I made 1K Steem Delegation last night from my personal account.


To Support @steemitfoods Account:

Quick Delegation Links:

50 SP

100 SP

250 SP

500 SP

1000 SP

2500 SP

More Detailed Information With Delegation:


About #steemfoods-introduction Competition!

  • This week's Total 250 Steem Awards Contest: I asked you to prepare a post by introducing yourself in the SteemFoods Community, talking about your cooking skills and famous food from your country. Only two days before the end of the contest. Competition with Turkey time on 16-10-2020 23: 59 will end on.


SteemFoods Contest -3- Promote Yourself in the SteemFoods Community!- Total: 250 Steem Awards

Announcement: Do Not Touch This Link!

  • While checking the posts on the SteemFoods Community today, I saw a scammer leave a photo and a link to the JST Airdrop below, and immediately muted. Currently For All Steemit Users:
    This link is set up for spamming and hacking your account. Please Don't Click The Link. !



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I wanted to announce to the participants that with your permission, I will use the -steemcurator06 account once a week to vote for the posts in the SteemFoods Community. As you know, I made a delegation announcement for the -steemitfoods account 8 days ago, now 13 participants have delegated. I just made the first distribution of the weekly delegation payments. I transferred the steem awards to the participants who were delegating on 06-10-2020, according to the amount of delegation they made, to their wallets. Apart from that, I wanted to remind the participants that there are two days left for # steemfoods-introduction contest. Currently, to prevent the attack on the steemit users with the JST Airdrop link, this announcement; I gave information so that users do not click on the link. As SteemFoods Community, we reached 400+ participants. Our target is 1K participants. I continue to perform at my best to improve the SteemFoods Community.

You asked recently if you would be a Diamond Partner. I did the 1K Steem Delegation last night.

Best Regards... @steemcurator01

@alikos07, удачи в ваших начинаниях, интересно будет следить за конкурсом, читать рецепты приготовления блюд ;)
#onepercent #ukraine #ukr #affable

Felicitaciones @alikoc07 por recibir más apoyo a la comunidad. saludos

Tremendous news @steemitfoods, that initiatives and that balanced support continue to grow. Congratulations and may the achievements continue. Thank you for the information and my prize in the first week of the contest.

Bilgi verdiğin için teşekkürler. SteemFoods topluluğu için emek harciyorsun tebrikler

seguimos trabajando y aportando a esta comunidad, saludos...

#onepercent #venezuela

Hola amigo @alikoc07 que buena noticia realmente me siento muy feliz de que la comunidad este creciendo y que ahora @steemcurator06, apoye a la comunidad @steemitfoods, amigo veo que no aparezco en los nombre de lo delegados, solo estan 12 en la gráfica de representación y usted habla de 13 y creo falto yo.. con respecto a el enlace al Airdrop de JST a mi me llego un mensaje de el al igual a la otra cuenta que manejo pero gracias a dios no los abrí, realmente me pareció algo malo..deseo mucho éxito a la comunidad!! Te admiro mucho realmente desde que te conocí con tu proyecto te apoye.! Llevas una buena visión dios te bendiga
Saludos desde #venezuela

@alikoc07 it is super Partnership that will increase steemfoods community interest more,yeah dear it is good idea that this partner ship help to upvote contest post or also others foods, so congratulation to all for this great Partnership

excelente esperemos que de esta manera nadie se quede por fuera.

I commend you and other team efforts for taking this steemfoods to next level