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in SteemFoodslast year (edited)

Yesterday I published the delegation announcement for the SteemitFoods Account. I have announced that I will distribute daily, weekly and monthly steem awards according to the amount of delegation. Today I will give detailed information about these delegation awards. In addition, I would like to explain that we will provide extra voting support for members who post content and delegate content on SteemFoods. We will give a partnership badge according to the Delegation Amount. First I'll talk about the Delegation Steem Awards.

Steem Reward Distribution According to Delegation Amount:

Steem Rewards Dependent on Delegation Amount will be distributed weekly. That way I can use one day of the week as a reward distribution.

SP Delegation AmountWeekly Reward SteemMonthly Steem Award
50 SP0.08925 STEEM0.3825 STEEM
100 SP0.1785 STEEM0.765 STEEM
250 SP0.44625 STEEM1.9125 STEEM
500 SP0.8925 STEEM3.825 STEEM
1000 SP1.785 STEEM7.65 STEEM
2500 SP4.4625 STEEM19.125 STEEM
5000 SP8.92538.25 STEEM
  • Weekly Steem Prize Amount to be Distributed; May Vary According To The Price Of Steem And SBD.

Advantages of Delegating to SteemitFoods Community:

  • Win More Steem Awards From Organized Competitions

  • Extra Vote Support for Posts You Post in SteemFoods Community (-from @steemcurator01 and @steemitfoods)
    The extra vote support depends on the amount of delegations made.

  • Having the SteemitFoods Partner Badge.

About Extra Vote Support by Delegation Amount:

It is unclear how many Steem Power Delegations we will get in the @steemitfoods account, but I would like to explain our plan on how much the voting support of your posts will increase by @steemcurator01 according to the amount of Delegation.

  • Extra votes by @steemcurator01 are not guaranteed. But when you share quality and original Food and Cooking concept content, Having a delegation badge can give you a chance to earn extra votes.

  • Currently I have planned the extra votes according to the Delegation Amount in this way. In addition to the extra game of @steemcurator01, we will also give extra votes from @steemitfoods account. All of them are currently in the planning stage, and these values ​​may change in the future.

SteemitFoods Partner Badges:

We give partnership badges according to the amount of delegation made to the @steemitfoods account. I have currently designed 4 different types of badges, based on the amount of Steem Power you delegate next to your username in the SteemFoods Community.

  • From 50 SP to 100 SP - Bronze SteemitFoods Partner
  • From 100 SP to 250 SP - Silver SteemitFoods Partner
  • From 500 SP to 1000 SP - Gold SteemitFoods Partner
  • 1000 SP + Diamond SteemitFoods Partner

Quick Delegation Links:

50 SP

100 SP

250 SP

500 SP

1000 SP

2500 SP


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 last year 

I am happy to share with you the announcement about the weekly delegation awards, extra voting support, partnership badges. I also shared the graph of the percentage increase of the delegating members regarding the extra vote support for the posts they post in the SteemFoods Community. I think members will be much more active in the community with delegation awards + extra votes and the number of users will increase rapidly. A total of 450 SP delegations have been made from three members so far. I will add these members 'badges next to their usernames. :) I showcase my best work for the growth + development of SteemFoods' Community and the steemit platform.

Best Regards... @steemcurator01

 last year 

Please edit this.

Our extra votes are not guaranteed in any way.

If we see good posts and they have a Delegator badge they mayget a better vote.

 last year (edited)

Extra votes are not guaranteed, when quality food and cooking contents shared in SteemFoods Community are shared; I added that there is a chance for extra votes. I have just updated the announcement. Thank you so much for missing this detail and for warning me. @steemcurator01

 last year 

It will be better to remove this table...

SP Delegation Amount Extra Vote Support Amount
Between 50 SP and 100 SP +0.5% @steemcurator01 Vote ~0.73$
Between 100 SP to 250 SP +1% @steemcurator01 Vote ~$1.46
Between 250SP - 500 SP Steem +1.5% @steemcurator01 Vote~2.19 $
Between 500SP - 1000 SP Steem +2% @steemcurator01 Vote ~ 2.92$

We will not have time to check on this to give specific extra amounts.

 last year 

The table has been removed. You are right, it takes time for you to check and vote on them. Sorry for the details I missed. @steemcurator01

 last year 

Thank you for sorting that.

En proceso de crecimiento... ÉXITOS INFINITOS. El esfuerzo y dedicación siempre traen como consecuencia recompensas..

 last year 

Muchas gracias, con 50 delegaciones SP que ha realizado, se ha convertido en Socio Bronce. :)

Steem has started to be a better world again @alikoc07. happy to see the developement

Felicidades por este avance, me unire en pro de crecer juntos en esta comunidad saludos...
#onepercent #venezuela

Listo! 👍😁🍓🍇🍐🍷 👍 Ya soy Socio de SteemitFoods Bronce.

 last year 

Muchas gracias por la delegación de 100 SP. Felicitaciones por su membresía Silver Partner. :)

Gracias a ti amigo @alikoc07 por esta iniciativa en esta gran comunidad, que estoy segura seguira creciendo...

#onepercent #venezuela

 last year 

Quiero delegar a steemitfoods, pero cuando intento hacerlo surge este error. ¿qué pasará?


 last year (edited)

¿Cuántas delegaciones de Steem Power has intentado hacer? Veo que solo puede tener 50 delegaciones Steem en este momento.

 last year 

Oh, quizás sea que aún no tengo suficiente steem power...

You are doing good work to develop the community. Sorry that I couldn't attend this event :(

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