29-09-2021 |The Best SteemFoods Posts Of The Day | The Food Diary Game Season 1 Ends After 24 Hours!

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Today, I will announce "Top Posts" in SteemFoods Community on 29.09.2021. When choosing "Top Posts" in the SteemFoods Community, we make sure that it is #steem-exclusive only. We cannot vote for posts published on a different blockchain. You can use the #steemfoods-exclusive tag for posts that you have prepared exclusively to the SteemFoods Community.

You can earn STEEM + TRX per month according to the amount of delegation you make to the Steemitfoods account. In addition, delegation rewards increased by 17.6%. If you want to both support and win awards by delegating to the SteemFoods Community, you can review the post below in detail.

Delegation Rewards Increased by + 17.6% | For 1000 SP : 6 Steem + 6 TRX per month |

The Best SteemFoods Posts Of The Day (29.09.2021)


"Quality Time with Him @ Greenwich Fastfood" by @kyrie1234 #sfcharity50pc


El juego del diario de comida! 27-09-21| Día para disfrutar de mejillones y té para cuidar mi gripe. | #sfcharity50dc- Por @alicargofer


THE FOOD DIARY GAME SEASON 1: 28-09-2021 | Eat Meatballs With my sister | 50% sf-charity By @pecintabunga20


The Food Diary Game, Temporada 1. 28/09/2021. |#sfcharity50pc| Dia de compras de Hortalizas y Verduras.


Temporada del Juego del Diario de Alimentos: 1 - 28/09/21 || #sfcharity50pc || Día de Compartir Rica Comida en Familia 🤗 Ah solo horas del cumpleaños #7 de mi hija mayor Antonella🥳 por @elecris 🤗


The Food Diary Game: Lunes 27-09-21| Día 27 | ¡Mi primer The Food Diary Game y es de cumpleaños! Celebrando en familia, entre delicias y risas🥳💖| 50% sf-charity🌼| #SteemExclusive 🌟

The Food Diary Game Season 1 Ends After 48 Hours!

The 1st Season of the Food Diary Game Event, the SteemFoods Version of The Diary Game, will end on September 30, 2021 at 23:59 Turkish Time. Season 2 will start on October 1, 2021 and there will be an increase in awards... I will announce the Winners of Season 1 before sharing the Season 2 announcement...

Food Diary Game Season :1 Begins | Rules | Rewards : 100 LIQUID STEEM | #sfcharity50pc



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 2 months ago 

Felicidades a todos los seleccionados, me siento muy emocionada.

 2 months ago 

Thank you for choosing my post today, and congratulations to all the posts that were selected.

 2 months ago 

I am so happy for this. Thank you so much sir @alicok07 for the recognition...

Congratulations to all


 2 months ago 

Muchísimas gracias, estoy muy feliz 💖 felicidades a mis compañeros 🥰

 2 months ago 

Felicidades a los seleccionados ♡

Selamat teman-teman

 2 months ago 

Congratulations to all.

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