Steemfoods || Easy steps I used to prepare my Okro soup and Garri Fufu (Eba).

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Hello guys,

I am so delighted to make my very first post in these amazing community. I want to appreciate @alikoc07 for the good work being carried out in the community. I want to sincerely appreciate @ngoenyi for her continual motivation and support.


Today I will be discussing in details how I made my Okro soup and Garri Fufu. Please follow me gradually as I take you on a journey towards making a delicious Okro soup.
Below is the list of all the recipe I used in preparing my Okro soup.

  • Okro
  • Pumpkin leaf
  • Palm oil
  • Onions
  • Fresh Papper
  • Tea spoon of salt
  • Star Maggi
  • Meat (beef)
  • Curry and Ginger spices.


Fig.1 Overview of all I need


Fig.2 Granded pepper and Onions


Fig.3 Sliced Okro and Pumpkin leaf


As you can see from Fig.1 above, what I did first and foremost is to bring out the quantity of all I needed i.e all my recipe in they proportion that is required.

Step 1: After washing my meat,I put into the pot and I added 2 cube of maggi, a little salt, curry and a little ginger with a very little water. These is to enable the spices penetrate into the meat properly. I then put it on fire and steemed it for about five (5) minutes.


Step 2 : After about 5 minutes of boiling the meat, I added a glass of water to it. These was to enable the meat cook properly. I then allowed it for another 5 minutes and then add my cup of palm oil.


Step 3: After puting my palm oil, I added 2 more cube of maggi and a little salt. I still allowed it for another 3 minutes then I added my sliced Okro to it.


Step 4: I allowed my Okro to cook very well, and when it was done, I added the sliced Pumpkin leaf. I added it last because I normally love it half done.


Immediately I added it, I brought it down from the fire to enable the heat of the pot cook it.

After making my soup I decided to make a little Garri (Eba) to eat it with it. In making Garri, the procedure is very simple.

Step 1: I put a cup of water on fire, and when the water boiled I turned it into a bowl.


Step 2: After turning all the water, I now poured my Garri into the water and stirred it continuous untill I got exactly what I wanted.


After all that, my food was finally ready for consumption and then I decided to dish it and show you guys the end product of our delicious meal.


And that is how I was able to cook my Okro and Garri. For those who want to cook Okro soup, I believe I have been able to educate you guys on the procedure I use in mine.

Special mention
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Thanks for your time...

 last month 

So this our men can cook this much. Amazing recipe. I am really impressed with your picture presentations. They are self explanatory. And the soup looks delicious. Thank you for sharing your recipe with us here. I am looking forward to more of it

Thank you so much, and more of these will be coming soonest.

 last month 

Wow, I can't wait

This soup must be a delicious one. Okoro soup favorite.

It is very delicious, you need to teast it.

 last month 

Hello :

Thank you so much for sharing your delicious recipe in detail in SteemFoods Community. I added this post to the "Best SteemFoods Posts of the Day" on 04.03.2021. We will try to vote this post with -steemcurator01, -steemcurator02 -steemcurator06 or booming accounts. Continue creating content in the SteemFoods Community. :)

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