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Hello dear foodies,

After week long time Here I'm going to share my favourite pizza recipe with you. In the community I saw there were many pizza varieties which are really tasty. So I also thought of sharing my recipe with you.

Before moving on to the recipe I would like to explain you why I choose this recipe as a favorite one. I always love Spicy food recipes. I I'm a cheese lover so I have tasted many pizza recipes which are homemade and from pizza hut but the one that I home made which I'm going to share with you today is really special for me as It has an authentic taste which suits my taste.

Now I will tell you how much I spent for the pizza recipe.

Flour- 160 LKR
Cheese- 700LKR
Yeast - 90LKR
Tomato sauce - 150 LKR

Other ingredients were left overs at home so it didn't cost any money. I will calculate and tell the price in Steem.

1 SBD = 1041.9 LKR

1 SBD = 9 Steem

So I have spent about 8.7 steem to make the Pizza recipe.

Let's move on to the recipe now.


  • Bread flour
  • yeast
  • Cheese
  • Tomato sauce
  • sausages
  • onions
  • capsicum
  • salt and pepper
  • Olive oil



Image Taken From Redmi8

First I added two cups of flour to a container and then added some olive oil. Then mixed it well. It is better to use a dry spoon when mixing the dough.


Image Taken From Redmi8

Then to activate yeast I added one sachet packet of yeast yo some warm water. Noe you can see the yeast is activated. This image shows you a nicely activated yeast.


Image Taken From Redmi8

After that I added the yeast mixture to the flour dough and mixed it really well. You must kneed the dough well to make is smooth and soft. It should process with yeast well. After kneeding I made the dough and keep it to rest for about 1 hour and 10 minutes by closing with a cling rap.


Image Taken From Redmi8

This is how it looks like after the rested time. You can clearly see the size has become doubled and yeast has been well processed. This is what is expected from yeast.


Image Taken From Redmi8

I took the dough out of the container and put it on the kneeding top. Then I flattened the dough a little bit on the board before putting into the pizza tray.


Image Taken From Redmi8

Then I add the dough to the baking tray and arranged it nicely. I do not have a circular pizza tray so I make pizza in this square tray always.


Image Taken From Redmi8

Then using a fork I pierced the dought to insert all good flavores to the dough too.


Image Taken From Redmi8

Then first of all I added the tomato sauce to the dough. first squeeze some tomato sauce to the top and spread it and see whether it is enough or not. Then add again and again till it gets filled with sauce.


Image Taken From Redmi8

Now I started adding the toppings. The first thing is onion rings. I added the onion rings to the bottom.


Image Taken From Redmi8

Then add finely sliced capsicum. You also can add some green chilies to make it extra spicy.


Image Taken From Redmi8

Then I added some tomato slices. I evenly spreaded then to the pizza.


Image Taken From Redmi8

Then I added some sausages. I sliced them nicely too. You can add any other ingredients too.


Image Taken From Redmi8

Finally I grated some mozaralla cheese on top. To make it more cheese we can add even more cheese to it.


Image Taken From Redmi8

I pre - heated the oven for 12 minutes in 225 °c degree. And baked the pizza for 25 minutes in same heat level.


Image Taken From Redmi8

This is my final look of the pizza after taking out of the oven. It is really cheesy and tasty also has a secret spiciness after spreading some salt and pepper on top of it.


Image Taken From Redmi8

This is the final loo of it now and I must say it is really tasty and delicious. It has an authentic spicy taste.

This is the end of my post and I would like to invite @mrsokal , @goodybest and @baycan to take part in the contest.


That looks so yummy though, I am coming to Srilanka to eat that haha. That was something more than just food, this is pure art. Keep it up

 10 months ago 

Thank you dear.

Hola amiga, se ve bueno el resultado final, no hay visto ese orden de preparación. Saludos y éxitos en el challenge.

 10 months ago 

Thanks dear.

Harika olmuş Ellerine sağlık canım 🤗

 10 months ago 

Thanks dear

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