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Hello Steemians!
It is a great day in this part of the world. I hope you had a great night. I am Kehinde Micheal and my username is @msquaretwins here on this great platform. I want to believe that you have been enjoying the steemit engagement contest. For me, I have been enjoying the contest. I made my first post yesterday in colombiaoriginal community, and I must tell you that it has been awesome. Today, in steemfoods community, I will be making a post on Practical Recipe for making one of my favourite food. Therefore, I want you to come along with me as I give step by step procedure of making this food.

In the next paragraph, I will be discussing detailed steps I followed to prepare rice and stew. So let's take a look at the steps below.


Practical Recipe of Preparing Rice, Stew and Chicken


Step 1:

The first step is measuring the rice I prepared. I am a man of details and I just don't cook, I measure the quantity of food to be cooked. Here I took three cup of rice. Although I bought a Congo of Rice which is about $2 or 5 STEEM. A congo of rice contains 10 cups. So, out of the 10 cups, I took tree cups which cost about 1.7 STEEM. The picture of a cup is seen in the picture uploaded below.

3 Cups of Rice Taken out of 10 cups I bought

Step 2:

I lighted up the gas. I used 3kg gas cylinder. The colour of the gas as seen in the screenshot below is magenta.

Lightning the 3kg Gas Cylinder

Step 3:

Then I took a pot, washed it thoroughly and put about 2 litres of water inside the pot and then put it on fire as seen in the screenshot below. Then I allowed the water to boil. The water reached the boiling point in less than 5 minutes I put the pot on fire.

Pot on Fire

Step 4:

After the water has boiled, I washed the rice thoroughly. I washed it 4 times and the picture attached below shows the process of washing when I was preparing the food.

Washing the Rice before Pouring it Inside the Pot

Step 6:

Then after I finished washing the rice, I poured it on the pot. The picture attached below shows how I poured the rice on the pot on fire.

Pouring the Rice Inside the Pot

Step 7:

Then after I finished pouring the rice, I added about 3/4 of table spoon salt on it as seen in the picture uploaded below. Then I cooked the rice for about 35 minutes and the rice was done.

Adding Salt to the Rice Inside the Pot

Step 8:

The cooking of the rice took about 40 minutes in general. Then I poured it inside the filtering basket uploaded below so as to filter water from the rice.

Pouring the Rice Inside the Filtering Basket

Step 9:

While allowing the rice to filter, I poured the vegetable on fire and I allow it to hit for about 2 minutes and then poured the raw stew. The raw stew contained "Rodo"(hot pepper), Tomatoes, "Tantanse" (Not hot pepper) and onion. The cost of every thing is about 3 STEEM . The vegetable oil I bought is 75cl which is about $2 or 5 STEEM, and I used about 1/4 of the 75cl of oil (about 1.25 STEEM cost of oil) to prepare my stew. I cooked the stew for about 20 minutes.

Preparation of Stew

Step 10:

The picture uploaded below is a picture of a fried chicken. I have prepared this chicken yesterday. I bought 1kg of chicken from nearby market. 1kg of chicken cost about $4 or 10 STEEM. It was cut into 8 pieces. But out of the 8 pieces, just 4 is remaining and so I snapped the four and attached it to this post.

I fried the chicken using vegetable oil and I friend it twice since the pot I used could not contain the chicken at once.

Preparation of Chicken

Step 11

Then I dished the food as seen in the picture uploaded below. Below I have my rice, stew and chicken prepared ready to eat. 😀

Dishing of the Food

Then, as instructed, I wrote the date I did the practical recipe, the hast tag instructed to include and my username on a piece of paper and I put it beside the food and took a picture of them together as seen in the image below.

Dishing of the Food

This is me with a selfie picture below holding the food I just prepared.

My Selfie with the Food




In this post, I have discussed step by step practical recipe of preparing white rice and stew. I did not only discuss the practical recipe but also mentioned the cost of the raw material used. I hope you find this content very useful. Thank you for reading

Written by @msquaretwins


Nicely done, quite lovely to see that not only women make good meals but even a man can do better.impressive rice and stew.the rice from the image looks very nice

Yes oo. Last week I was received by a friend in Lagos. Come and see how he prepared a very nice rice and beans, plantain and chicken. I was wow! We have good cook too among men.

Thank you for engaging, friend.

You are welcome friend, wish I could taste your meal but then it is what it is. Steem on🔥

😀😀 Yes oo

 4 months ago 

Loved it, @msquaretwins :)

First of all, the finished dish looks beautiful and really appetizing, and it was quite practical that you used chicken you had cooked and stored the day before, which made everything easier in your cooking.
The procedure and photos are neat. I love it that you were so clean at every step of the process. Loved it really.

Visiting your post was a nice experience. Wish you luck, dear. Cheers! :)

Thank you for reading.

Warm regards!

I never wash rice heh heh, that's why I find it interesting that you wash it several times, the truth is that I don't prepare much rice. The color of the vegetables is very nice, a strong red color that gives brightness to the dish. I like this meal, also your step by step photos are very nice, you have done a good job @msquaretwins.

😁😀 I was once like you but I have repented. Hahaha..

Actually I learnt to wash rice in college. Then my hostel mates would tell me why I did wash my rice... I will be like, I just don't...

Eventually, they convinced me to be washing rice. I have discovered that the foaming of rice tends to reduce when washed thoroughly especially when washed with salt.

 4 months ago 

Amigo un placer

Ese arroz se ve muy rico y sueltecito

Primera vez que leo que un arroz dura tanto tiempo de cocción 🙈, en mi país posee un tiempo de cocción de 20 minutos máximo

Un placer leerte, éxitos para ti

Thank you for reading, friend.

Surface area of the pot used contributes to how fast food can be cooked. If the surface area of the pot is wide, the impurities or the food will flow in a wide space and this will make it to be done quickly compared to small surface area.

Another thing is the fire used.

Thank you my friend for your recipe. It's very tasty.
Thank you very much for your beautiful photos!

 4 months ago 

In Pakistan, we eat boiled rice with a special kinda Lentils . By seeing your dish Rice, Stew and Chicken I have water in my mouth.
Your cooking skills are unique.

Best of luck with the contest.

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