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My Favorite Pizza Recipe 🍕



Good day everyone. I hope you all are doing extremely well in your respective lives. So today, I will share with you all my favorite pizza recipes. This is my favorite pizza because it is very easy to make, and also, it does not take much time to make it.

Today I present you all the Quick Pizza. We have made a pizza sauce, and have bought the vegetables, chicken and some buns. Now follow up on the entire recipe.

Step 1: we take the pot and put some oil.
Step 2: Then we put the chicken in the pot.
Step 3: After that, we minced the onions and tomatoes and put them in the pot.
Step 4: We then put 1 teaspoon of salt, 2 spoons of spice, and 2 spoons of Zeera.
Step 5: Let it be put on the stove for some time and then put some yogurt. And now the minced chicken was ready to put in the buns to make a quick Pizza.


My mother did it. She is good at that process, so she made the chicken put in the buns to make a QUick pizza. And till that time I made a pizza sauce. which was quite easy to make as the step is shown below

Step 6: We just put the chilly flake and oregano, and the Pizza Sauce was ready.


Step 7: I put the cause, sliced tomatoes, cheese, and the minced cooked chicken on the bun. (5).gif

Step 8: After it was made, we put those Quick Pizzas in an oven to heat it for a better taste.


And just like that the Quick Pizza is ready to eat.

WhatsApp Image 2022-05-22 at 10.47.38 PM.jpeg


Author: @maazmoid123 (2).gif


Yummy 😋 Recepie. Maaz would you like to share your Discord ID.

Thank you.

Sure Discord: maazmoid123#6224

I have sent you friend request on Discord.


@maazmoid123 Check that ✅

 10 months ago 

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Wow, loved your recipe. The outcome of the recipe came out to be really good. I will definitely try it out.

Damn this looks so tasty. I'm sure it was?

Yep, it was.

What youvahve prepared today looks very delicious
Truely I would like a taste
You seem to be an astonishing cook

Thanks, Visit Pakistan I will cook it for you too haha

An amazing dish you have prepared, I would like to have a taste of it😋

I see you also see how amazing this dish is
Surely been need him in Nigeria to cook for us

I swear, the guy Will put Chicken Republic and Dominos out of business.

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