Hot Saffron milk.

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hello friends, how are you all?? hope you all are enjoying winters and sipping your hot coffee. Today i would like the hot saffron milk(kesariya dhudh) stall at street of nawabo ka sehar(city of nawab) lucknow It is a mildly flavoured milk with goodness of healthy dry fruits like almonds and pistachios with cardamom and saffron served hot in winters, at the top adds fresh cream(malai)


i went to Bhootnaath market of lucknow the hub of food junction and street where you can shop good stuff at cheap price even there was many branded showrooms, it was fully crowded, two, three and four wheelers are not allowed. When i try to click some pictures i can't able to do just because of rush and got tired and got hungy, just wanted to have something delicious and tasty even healthy I got pleasure to drink amazing flavoured hot milk in winter time.


This is famous stall of kesariya milk in lucknow, the man and his family living here in winters since last 20 years, the real shop in delhi and the owner of shop gives the salary + accomodation to this man....



Isn't looking mouth watering? Let me know in comment session have ever drunk such type of milk. Even you can made in your home too, if you want to know it's recipe, let ask me in reply.



In a large cauldro, they boiled the milk for 3 to hours to make it thick in consistency n in between they keep on stirring it, and then add sugar saffron and dryfruits on layer of cream to make it more tempting and delicious and they keep flame always on to served it hot in winters.







In india we used clay cup or kulhads for tea or drink, as they are biodegradable, hence can be thrown or broken and pollute free, it won't be hazardous like plastic and paper cups. They are much cheaper than plastic or papers cups. And they most important reason of using kulhads is that it give us earthy aroma and flavour to our drinks.

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