Happy Diwali everyone!!! - Idli Breakfast and Offerings to God

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Hello everyone! I just want to wish everyone a Happy Diwali today. May things improve and get better next year. Some people call it Deepavali here but both terms can be used. Deepavali is just the pronunciation in Tamil which Diwali is the pronunciation in a few other languages including my language which is Telugu.

I should be packing today had it not been due to Covid 19 pandemic, as I have already booked a Diwali vacation in Penang. However, I had to cancel all our plans due to the pandemic for the sake of our safety and health. Well, the least we can do is to have a yummy meal at home so I thought of sharing some of the pictures.


Since it is a festival day, we thought that it was time to have a heavy breakfast. So we started the day off with some soft idlis.


This is the idli batter. In case you are wondering what is the batter is made of, generally it is made of grinded rice flour and urad dhal ( a type of lentils). However we made it using special beads of rice made specifically for idli. You will be able to find them in Indian stores.


Then, we are supposed to pour them into these steaming trays.


Then we must put the steaming trays inside this steamer and let the idli get steamed until they harden.


Then we can have a yummy , soft and healthy breakfast!


This is mutton curry. We dip the idlis in the curry and eat them.


This is the main pot where my mother and I cooked the mutton curry yesterday night. We cooked the mutton in a pressure cooker first. Then, we cooked it further in this pot with some spices and other items such as tomatoes and potatoe.


Of course we also had some coffee to give us the energy to enjoy the day!


Since it is an auspicious day, we made some offering to God.


We just made offerings of some fruits such as apples, bananas and orange. We offered some flowers as well.


In case you are wondering, this is Lord Ganesha. He is the remover of all obstacles and the manifestation of God in his form symbolizes happiness, prosperity and luck. This is why in every Hindu temple, the first God we see is Lord Ganesha.


Thank you for dropping by and have a blessed day! Happy Diwali once again!