Halloween Sticker Paintings - Watercolour Art

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Hi everyone! I know that Halloween is over but I thought of still sharing some of the paintings I made on the day. I wanted to make some cute little stickers for my Halloween planner layout and ended up painting some water colour images of the things commonly linked to Halloween.

I just painted them all on a printer paper but to my surprise it came out well. Maybe it is because I used a thick printer paper called Double A4 papers. By the way, please ignore the Colgate and toothbrush in the background! I just woke up when I snapped this picture as I wanted it to look best and that was only possible in natural light.


The above is my drawings of the stickers. I just used a regular HB pencil for that.


This is a candy stick that I painted. I used mainly only the three colours which are generally associated with Halloween. They are green, orange and purple. Of course there are also other colour schemes that one can follow but I chose this as it allows me to create vibrant coloured stickers.


This is a witch hat with a pointed tip. I added three more colours which are dark green, dark blue and black. I used the dark blue and green for shadows to make a gradient effect and black for the middle area.


This is a pumpin. You see some highlighted parts because I lifted the paint in those areas. I am just grateful that I did not end up tearing the paper whicle lifting the paint a printing paper is generally not suitable for water colour work.


I also painted a colourful broom. It is the flying vehicle of the witches.


This is a bat. I think bats are associated with Halloween because they are nocturnal creatures. I made it colourful and used a silver glitter to draw its teeth.


This is a sweet full of vibrant colours. Now I miss eating sweets the way I used to when I was a child.


This is a witch cauldron. I also added something in it. Seems like this witch is brewing a magic potion in green.


What's Halloween without a ghost? Hence I painted a happy ghost. I couldn't choose which colour to use so I used all three colours.


These are all of the stickers which I painted using water colour. This is actually the first time I painted on a printer paper so the result is surprising as I only expected it to be bad. I am glad that it turned out well.


Spoiler alert! This is how I cute the stickers to be used in my Halloween planner layout.


Belated Happy Halloween :D Thank you for dropping by and I wish that you have a lovely day!