DIY Halloween Themed Planner Layout

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P_20201107_162859_HDR g (1280x960).jpg

Hello everyone! I thought of sharing another post today. I am a big fan of planning, not because I have a lot of things going on but because I enjoy the entire process of it. The way I do it is also close to scrap-booking and it gives me an opportunity of exploring the creative side of planning. I was waiting for Halloween so that I could make a planner layout with the theme so I did.


First of all, I cut out some colour papers. They were all plain so I had to decorate them on my own. I cut out different shapes in different colours and pasted them on the plain colour papers. I tried to make some stripes designs. i also did some eye design to give a creepy vibe like we are being watched.


I also cut out some long strips of orange colour papers to use as dividers. I used a black magic colour (a marker with fine tip) to make dots all over them.


By the way, this is the Halloween stickers that I painted using water colour. Click here to check my post specially dedicated to the description of the entire process of painting the stickers.


I cut each of the images out. I left some white area around them so that the pictures will appear better especially after pasting them on colour papers.


These are all of the cutouts that I will be pasting on the layout. By the way, I also cut out circles out of one of the colour papers.


Then, I pasted them at the top to write the dates of the week. Lastly, I removed the remaining parts of the circles so I was left with 3 quarter circles :D


Next, I pasted the colour papers. Some of them with designs while some in plain colours.


After that, I placed the stickers on the layout and moved them around for a while until I was satisfied with the placements. This is before gluing them.

P_20201107_162859_HDR g (1280x960).jpg

I was done pasting everything. I used the magic colours to write some details such as the month and dates. I also filled in my to-do list, chores and some items I needed to buy. I am happy while typing this because I have already bought all of them.

Now some of you might have noticed that the entire layout looks like the Happy Planner. Yes, it does and since I am not going to get a copy of it for now, I made my own version of the Happy Planner :D


I am looking forward to make more planner layouts with my favourite themes. I thought of making one for Diwali festival but I missed it as I was very busy with the preparation. Anyway I can try again next year and perhaps I will start early. Thank you for dropping by and I hope that you have a great day!