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Original photo, no filter. Picture me walking down a hill while all the houses are to my left. As I continue to walk I start to be eye level with the trees and rooftops. Now as I gaze outward, what you're seeing here in the shot is what I wanted to capture. And that I did to the core. Something about the red leaves being so up close and personal, and then as you gaze outwards the white and pink flower petals come into view. Blow past that it's the bright blue sky with white clouds looking like smoke but it wasn't. I stood there eye level and took my shots, I thought to myself it almost looks like I climbed up a tree to get these photos. I could have made up a more entertaining story but why lie? That's like adding filters to my photos just to fancy them up a bit. Why? Mother nature doesn't need makeup because she's already perfect just the way she is.


Hermosísimo ✨✨

This this line is wonderful line
Mother nature does not need makeup because she is already perfect just the way she is

Really wonderful garden. 😍🌸🌸
Nice post.🌠
Have a great day! Greetings from Venezuela.💕

Wonder full post sir

And plz my post for supporting thank you sir

Nature is beautiful

es realmente majestuoso y trasmite tranquilidad, paz , amor.

es una excelente toma @treyball, y lo natural es lo mas bello que podemos ver. fantástico!!!

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