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Hi Everyone,

As a majority of us prepare for the Hive, we will need to make some adjustments. Not only on the blockchain but also in our daily life. First, to the blockchain, we have a new name, new tokens and new habits to be made. It will all be new to us and we are in it together. Life is also the same. The virus will change how we live, work and grow together.

My freezer is not big enough in my opinion to allow me to freeze food for 14 days or more. I had a look at what can be done and took everything out. Boxes over boxes. So I decided to take everything out and put them in zip lock bags to save more space. Mission accomplished and I saved 30% more space by doing that.



The other thing that would change us will be how much food will cost. Things in Australian isn't cheap and this is from someone who earns an income locally. Now with the virus, prices of many things have gone up in particular meat and vegetables. Check out the two pieces of meat below. $59 & $75 a kilo for these two cuts from a cow! It's literally gold you are eating! And even at that price, check out the meat shelves .... empty! Are people nuts or really that desperate for meat?!?!?!? How are you coping in your city/country?





animation by @catwomanteresa

Travelgirl pic.jpeg

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All photos & videos are taken by me & co in all my blogs/stories unless quoted. 每張相片和視頻都是我們自己拍的

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