Splinterlands Tournament Awarded Prize Money Has Past $100K~

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Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I logged into Splinterlands this morning and noticed that the awarded prize money has passed $100K!! What a great milestone! With the various changes to the game over the past two years, the Splinerlands team have put in an exceptional effort to make this game better and better for its players.

Looking back at the tournaments, there are plenty that is available for the next fortnight. During this time when most of us probably are indoors due to COVID19, what better way to spend some time playing the game, probably win a tournament or two and move up the ranks. With Easter around the corner (Yay!), I will have more time to do this myself. Check out the tournaments as there are ones round the clock to suit different timezones. Never know, you may be one of the winners and snap up decent prize money! See you on the battlefield!

Screen Shot 20200406 at 7.52.14 am.png


animation by @catwomanteresa

Travelgirl pic.jpeg

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I don't play anymore toward that game, but is a great milestone reached!

Maybe this is the time to start studying online games

I thought the tournaments are paid events

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