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There is nothing on earth as beautiful and sacred as a flower. But how many people have the good fortune to enjoy that beautiful?



I have all kinds of flowering plants in my house. 6 seasons in Bangladesh. And I have all the flowers that bloom in these six seasons. In Bangladesh, Gandharaja, tuberose, sunflower, zinnia, petunia, silosia, dopati, calendra, branfelsia, Arabian jasmine, Asian pigeonwings, Barberton Daisy etc. bloom in summer.

Barberton Daisy

Barberton Daisy is a very beautiful and attractive flower. The mind wants to see this again and again. These flowers are used to decorate the bride during the wedding. These flowers are also used in many occasions.

The Barberton Daisy flower tree looks a lot like a radish tree. These trees are not a big one. Its leaves come out of the soil as stems. And is later converted to leaves. The tops of these flowers come out of the soil. And it takes 5-7 days for a flower to bloom. Barberton daisy flowers are usually red, orange and purple in color. Barberton daisy flower has numerous petals. This flower does not smell. However, the flower is very interesting to see.


Currently Barberton Daisy flowers are in great demand It is cultivated commercially in many parts of Bangladesh. Also amateur people plant these flower tubs. I don't know how this flower actually reproduces. I didn’t see any seeds after this flower fell.



Series Flowers Photography
Camera 📷 Samsung SM-G615F
Focal length 3.71 mm
Location Saidpur, Nilphamari, Bangladesh

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