Life in a Quarantine Centre - Day 02 Continued...

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While I was resting, I had that lazy feeling as I had only slept for 3 hours and my eyes were giving up. There was a small blanket lying there, I sprayed sanitizer over it and used it as a pillow and slept. Before going to sleep, I asked the others about the timing of the lunch and they laughed and said there is no particular timing, they will serve when they feel like serving.


I hadn't had my breakfast so I was feeling a bit hungry as well but since it was already 12 am in the morning, I had no other choice but to eat a banana which I did and went to sleep. I thought I will sleep for at least an hour and wake up when the lunch is served. I was in a deep sleep when a guy called me and told me that it's lunchtime. I looked at my watch and it was 4 pm in the evening. I was furious as the lunchtime was way past us but at the same time, I had a feeling of content as I had slept for 4 hours.

The lunch tasted bad but it was still better than what we had an early morning at the transit camp. I ate a lot as I was hungry, the only good thing about the food was that you could eat as much as you wanted to. They served lunch in disposable plates and we were handed one bottle of water each.

I called my flatmate who traveled with me from New Delhi and asked him about his whereabouts. He said that he is fine and he is in a small school near his home and that he is alone there. I thought that I should be there too as there is no one except him and there is zero chance of getting infected there if I am not infected already. I told him that I will try to come there and he said they will ask you to arrange your own transport which they did. I called a friend and he came in his car and dropped me there.


When I reached the new quarantine centre, it felt peaceful as it was located on the bank of a river and there was no one except my flatmate. The room wasn't perfect but it was way better than the previous one and much more comfortable. No food was served there as my flatmate's home was nearby and his family sent him the food. I asked my parents for the food and a blanket. They came as soon as possible and delivered many things including dinner and a few snacks for the night.

I took my dinner early at around 8:30 pm and went to sleep and that marked the end of day 2.

Life in a Quarantine Centre - Day 02

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