Hyderabadi Dum Biryani - Quarantine Effect

in GEMSlast year

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to grow, our tastebuds hadn't felt something nice for two weeks. We were just eating rice and pulses almost daily until today. Some of our friends live in our building, one floor below us. They invite us for lunch or dinner when they cook something nice and we do the same. Four of them live together in a 2BHK flat and "Yousuf Bhai" is the most talented person here when it comes to cooking. He can cook almost every dish and whatever he cooks it tastes great.

Today, he called and told us to come as he had cooked Biryani. As we reached there, the biryani was almost ready and I couldn't take any pictures of the process of making Hyderabadi dum biryani. However, a few months ago, he made the same dish and I did take some pictures back then, so, I am going to share those old pictures with you. You will get an idea at least.

First of all, the basmati rice was prepared. Basmati rice is a special form of rice that is longer in size and it costs little more than the normal one.

Yousuf Bhai was preparing chicken when I took this picture. You can choose the type of biryani you want to make by adding chicken, mutton, beef or even vegetables. Yousuf Bhai was making chicken biryani so he had brought 3 chicken and was busy cooking them. I don't know he prepared chicken but it seemed tasty by just looking at it.


This is Sohaib bhai, all the way from Hyderabad. He was cutting some vegetables which were to be added to biryani later. He is a nice guy, dedicated and focused on his work and he always has a smile on his face.

After everything was ready, Yousuf Bhai added basmati rice to the chicken and put that vegetable all over it which Sohaib Bhai was preparing.

After putting the veggies over the dish, Yousuf Bhai took a container and put some coal in it along with ghee. A lot of smoke came out of that container and Yousuf Bhai closed the whole container with a lid. He said that this will help in spreading the smoke in whole biryani. That's why it is called dum biryani and it is the best biryani in India.

The person in this picture is a legend. He is Yousuf Bhai and he has some kind of magic in his hands as his cooking is just great.

The biryani was ready finally and I ate like I hadn't eaten anything for days.

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