❇️ HUGE DEFLATION COMING SOON? GET PREPARED! Bitcoin $1000, Gold $900, Silver $8, All Assets 70% OFF! 💁‍♂️

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This is an opinion and it might not even happen at all... but it seems that we are heading into a quick and fast "Deflation" of all assets, services and goods before we see huge Inflation later down the road.

With what happened to OIL Futures yesterday (going negative -$40), we can see huge deflation with goods, services, assets, real estate, and practically everything coming soon.

The governments have been printing trillions of dollars in the last two decades but the question is, why haven't we seen inflation yet?

Well, the velocity of money that is being printed right now is very slow. Mike Maloney explains it very well in this video:

We can see cryptos, gold, silver, precious metals, real estate, oil, food, stocks etc... etc... all taking massive hits in the short term while the dollar get stronger in 2020.

I know, right? It doesn't make any sense!? It's all based on psychology of the markets.

Get prepared guys, Cash will be king in 2020 and if you play your cards right, all these damn assets can be bought up on the lows and inflation will start sky rocket a few years later!

You may not like this but here are some predictions:

Real Estate: 50%-70% correction
Stocks: 50%-%70 correction
Land: 50%-70% Correction
Gold: $900
Silver: $8
Platinum $400
Crypto: 90% Down on all of them!
Bitcoin: $1250

Holly shit! Are these numbers going to be correct? Who knows?

I can be completely wrong and this "money Game" these governments of the world are playing right now is completely insane.

Once the velocity of money supply goes berserk in 2021 and beyond... we can see so much damn inflation and it might lead to hyperinflation!

Thinking about in investing into assets now? I'm no financial advisor but it might be better to hold onto that shitty USD Fiat Dollar and buy all these assets on a discount in a future date.

With shit hitting the fan years from now, A New Monetary policy will be created and a new digital blockchain currency will be introduced... that will enslave us all.

Welcome to 1984 (The Movie) but this reality will be 10x worse than the movie itself! Pretty exciting times if you think about. HAHA

Keep on STACKIN! 😎

~ Charles Fuchs

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It sounds scary but I don't doubt it we've been living in an overvalued overinflated funny money fantasy world for far too long, time to get back to reality

Yeah I hear ya, I can see the fed print trillions more this year and beyond... it just depends when it enters thee free markets... it might be 18-24 months. Damn funny money lol

If crypto is down as your assumption then most of people's

1 !BEER Token for you

Thank you for information, But nobody knows exactly, banks print a lot of money. And that comes in system. It can come down to inflation.