Maple Cookies Final Cut

in GEMS2 months ago

Strain Name: Maple Cookies
Strain Type: Clone
Strain Breeder: TrinityGenetics
Growing medium: Supersoil
Growing Ferts: EWC & Compost Tea & Top Dress

Maple Cookies

What's up weedcash, It has been a week for an update on any of the plants I got going and let me tell you lots have been going on both with weedcash and the plants.

With weedcash, it is great to see WEED/Swap-hive liquid pool up on tribaldex. But this post is an update on the maple cookies that is or should I say was growing in the 5-gallon challenge bucket. This is an ongoing challenge from @jonyoudyer.

I never really got too many photos of this plant before I chopped her down.

Come on over to Weedcash and check out the final growlog for this dank maple cookies

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