My Day: Reminiscing Again / Venice Mall

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I am happy that I am getting back on my routines after days that I'm very busy. I cannot join some of our deaf ministry activities, but I am happy that I joined today.

After the successful deaf ministry online, I took some time to check my phones, and I saw my old pictures. I miss the time when we went to Venice Mall in Taguig. I am with many friends, and some of them are also here on Hive (Steemit) like @cutiresnkie @shula14,@juwel, @iyanpol12, and others. It was also like a meet up. I walked around the mall, and took some pictures.


The beautiful buildings surrounding the mall. I also like the color.


Those two giants. They look a bit scary. Hehe


Those hanging decorations look nice. If only I can hang on them. For sure I will fall down. 😂


If only I have enough money, I will go there.


Here you can see that it looks like Venice. I hope I can ride the gondola. But it's too expensive.

I wish I can come back there. Nowadays, it's still impossible because of the coronavirus. If the COVID-19 will be controlled, maybe we can go back there again.

After checking up my phone, I went to do my chores, and checking my garden too.

Previously here


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