Last Week was "Spring Break" for My Kids ...This Week it's "Corona Break" for Them

in GEMS4 years ago (edited)

It's become a pandemic with this Corona Virus so a result my kids are off for another week , maybe two more weeks from school.

BELOW... Here is my oldest making scrambled eggs on her Corona Break. It's about 12 noon so she is taking full advantage of her Corona Break to make Brunch :)


BELOW... My Youngest deciding that her Corona Break needed some more Zzz so she goes back bed around noonish lol


They are excited to be out another week. But I also think they get a little bored. I am about to head on out to my part time job at Favor and HEB Groceries. When I am gone they go straight to their rooms. And not getting outside does get a little old for them.

But I guess these are the times we're living in...the Good and Bad !!


Most important thing is that everyone is safe. The lockdown really becomes a bore after two weeks lol.

It's just going to get worse the longer this drags on. I think a lot of people are going to get stir crazy. I wonder how much the reports of domestic issues will increase.

The self isolation is the bad, the safe is the good. I just hope it ends soon

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