🌱📷 Planting capsicum seeds for the first time!

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Having a capsicum plant in my balcony is a dream come true for me. I never tried to plant it before as it may not grow well with the minimum sun. But last week I bought a really good capsicum for pizza and thought why not try for the first time!

Planting capsicum seed is very easy. We just need to pick a full-grown fruit, dry the seeds properly, and plant them on losing soil for germination. I had some spare soils though it was not good quality I use them.



Cut the capsicum carefully and take the seeds off. I dried them at room temperature for two days. And then plant them directly on the soil.

Plant the seeds in lose soil.



After one week I got to see some spouting tiny plants. Can you find them on the below image? I'm so excited!


We should not call it a success yet. Because these tiny pants need several weeks to grow properly and then we have to plant them on a big pot with nutritious soil. So now we have to wait.

Capsicum spouts don't need direct sun but after planting it will need a good amount of sun. One portion of my balcony covers the sun in the morning. So I'm hopeful. Let's see what happens!

It never gets boring to take care of plants. The best part is it keeps us busy during this boring pandemic period.


Much Love

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