"Hmm I wonder why papa pepper educates his kids about snakes...."

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Most should really not wonder by this point, should they?

Yesterday, we found the first venomous snake of the year on our homestead. Thankfully, our daughter Red-Pepper noticed it before we accidentally stepped on or near it. Any time we can locate and identify potentially dangerous creatures is a bonus for us, so we like to teach and train our children. Here's a photo of that young Copperhead from yesterday.

When I shared the story about finding that snake and the great job that Red-Pepper did, an "internet friend" Dutch Creek Cabin commented "Hmm I wonder why papa pepper educates his kids about snakes.... well done kiddo!👏" Understanding potential dangerous and properly responding to it is very important in my eyes.

Yesterday we were able to remove a Black Rat Snake from a shed on someone's property next to where they keep their chickens and rabbits. They had seen it the day prior, and in less than a minute of searching the area we were able to locate it, after one of their sons spotted it in the rafters. It was a very chill snake, so I allowed the children to check it out up close and in person. In these photos, young Buddy-Pepper is practicing holding a larger snake while giving appropriate support to its body. There are ways to carelessly hurt a snake, and ways to aggravate a chill snake, so proper handling skills can be important. Yes, Buddy-Pepper did well, both him and the snake remained safe, and we are still helping others with snake removal and also educating people. Enjoy the photos.


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