Re-Post | Rhymes for Dimes - Mirror Mirror

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Hey mirror mirror
Hanging on my wall
Please don’t call me ugly
I’ll need a blanket, to break my fall

One day you call me handsome
The other, you say I’m shitty
My life you hold at ransom
Then you threaten me, with pretty

You send me mixed images
With light and dark reflections
You know I’m not a star
You see my imperfections

I tilt you on an angle
To get a better view
I’m looking for a compliment
Why? I haven’t got a clue!

You’re just a damn troll
Laughing, psycho mirror
I understand this game
This fantasy thriller

We play five card stud
You bluff me all the time
Like you can see my hand
You sink me, like quick sand

You always check raise me
Can read my poker face
Please stop, with all that FUD
In my sleeve, I have an ace

What the fuck man
You do this all the time
Give this man a chance
Or I’ll need to quit this rhyme

Can’t beat you at this game
Time is always on your side
Old age will get the blame
Maybe, I’ll just hide


Original post can be found here


As always, have a great day and PEACE


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