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So if you've been on twitter since yesterday you probably have come across the Jada and Will Smith's red table talk that has caused an uproar on the platform. I seldom talk about trending social issues because I find them unnecessary--this inclusive. However, I have got mad love for Will and his family and this said issue hits home too because I am in a relationship with a wonderful woman, who I love and cherish and the thought of ever being in similar situation worries me.

It has been in the news for some time now that Jada had a thing with August Alsina, an RnB artist. These claims were first denied by Jada, but confirms in her latest red table talk. There are so many sides to this whole issue and so many things to unpack and I would rather deal with what was said doing the red table.


I know we all like to think of mistakes as opportunities to learn--i think so too. However, we should understand that are the choices we make and we are responsible for them. What you learn from that experience is as important as taking ownership of that experience and I think this is one of the things Jada failed to acknowledge in that conversation. Trying to trivialise cheating on your spouse by calling it an entanglement was a low blow by Jada. In retrospect, I think most of the things she said were to protect herself and she is still very much in denial. From cheating on her husband (during a supposed break) to dating a mentally unstable man. That's just too much accept on live television. I would do the same.


The highly revved Will Smith has become an object of ridicule, which is the most uncomfortable thing for me. This is a classical example of how your spouses' life and actions expect you. We have seen instances today were other celebrates have taken jabs at Will and it seems comical but for something as sensitive as this it must truly hurt.

There isn't anything new about the Jada-Will-August love triangle. Things like this happen regularly. However, in this case, they are all celebrities and the impact and seriousness of this seemingly dead issue have been inflated. This is something that happened four years ago, which i think both parties have tried to resolve and it has been reopened. Old wounds are being reopened and given the media coverage, it is going to be a difficult situation to handle again and might result in something more implicated.

I am in love with an amazing woman and i will hate to put her in a position where she looks like a fool because of my selfish craving. I do not deny that haven't been in seemingly compromising situations (see what i did there). These things happen in relationships and we must prepare for them. People have lost their spouse for people they don't fancy because no one cheats with the intension of being caught. It is always an afterthought when the deed has been done and most times it's usually far too late for any recompense. And i always try to remember that when i am in those seemingly compromising situations.

A relationship is very complicated and honestly, i am happy both parties could work things out. If i were in Will's shoes i would probably do the same. I think it becomes easy to forget when you understand that you are fallible yourself and it does come at the expense of looking foolish in the eyes of the public. The only thing i will do differently is not having people et involved personal matter. Hopefully, there will be no more entanglements.

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