The things I miss...

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[I miss my little niece]

The things I miss

In these days of confinement and quarantine I miss those small gestures and daily details because I realize now, at this very moment, that they were actually big. I miss the natural gesture, for example, of the kiss and hug that came from the soul in front of the friend; the relative or the neighbor who came home just to talk to me. I miss the heartfelt greeting, the open smile of welcome when you arrive anywhere.

[I miss my big nephews]

I miss the shared coffee, in the middle of the afternoon, with any friend. The long talks, for no reason at all. The aimless weekend plan. The next morning full of tiredness and forgetfulness: four beers, a bottle of liquor and the certainty of having gone to paradise.

[I miss my sisters.]

In my days of confinement I evoke the many excuses I gave for not seeing the sky, the sunscreens, the coats for the cold, closing my eyes out of fear. I evoke the life I lived and I do not know if I will live it again: kissing, hugging, showing my feelings. The worm of fear, the deadly virus, has spread through our thoughts. It is bad to touch ourselves and if we do, wash our hands, face and whole body. No formula will bring us closer to love, we will die alone, but clean and unpolluted.

[I miss family reunions]

When I look out of my window at the empty street, I remember the times when it was flooded with children playing and laughing at the world of others. The dusty and arid streets of my city that were watered by the daily sweat of passers-by and that today are orphaned by cars and people, as if they were in a duel. Where is everybody, where did they go?

[I miss being outdoors]

Today in April, in this strange and forced solitude, there are some details that are my treasures, which I would not like to give up, because what good would it do me to live a hundred years, if every year I am not going to enjoy it, and that is that my lips already hurt from not kissing and my arms from not embracing and life, from being afraid.

[I miss being near the sea ]

Those things that I miss and these days I miss, are the ones that accompany me in this long wait ...


*All photographs were taken and worked on with my Blu C4CO5Ou cell phone. Android dua

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