Portraits in a gray Hoodie

in GEMSlast year


These are some of the portraits I took with a tripod in a gray hoodie. This day was especially sunny with a pleasant reflection on the grass. I was wearing a gray hoodie and decided to do some portraits with and without a hood.

It seems to me that thanks to the gray hoodie, the photos turned out to be very gentle with pleasant bed tones. I processed photos in the most juicy colors to get bright and beautiful photos.

I like to create my portraits using a tripod. This is the most suitable option when I want to get some of my photos and a tripod helps me with this.

Camera Model:

  • Canon EOS 70D

Camera Lens:

  • Canon EF 50mm f/1.4

Camera Settings:

  • Diaphragm f/1.8
  • Excerpt 1/160 s
  • ISO 100


  • Capture One
  • Photoshop


Photos were taken @milaoz

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