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The last digital portrait i painted was 10 days ago. I have been busy and doing some other things for some time now.
So, i thought i would take a little break today and try to paint a pretty portrait. I feel that taking a break helps me to get into the mood for drawing. the longer break i take, the more interested i am in drawing something new
I am very happy with the result today. I was a bit worried how that blue highlight would look, but i like it, and now it matters if you guys like it or not.

So, let me know that in the comments.

I painted this portrait in clip studio paint.

Here are some process shots:

Screenshot 2626.png
Screenshot 2627.png

Screenshot 2628.png

Screenshot 2629.png

Screenshot 2630.png

Screenshot 2631.png

Screenshot 2632.png

Screenshot 2633.png

Reference image for this drawing.


This is excetionally nice one!

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