Meet my Doggy "Biggie", the Hunting Dog - From Puppy to Adult

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Hello everyone, how are you?

I think it's about time to properly introduce to you my dog "Biggie" since he's been starring a lot at my Blog lately!

Meet "Biggie", the bastard hunting dog and my best friend!


Biggie is an 8 years old Hunting dog mixed with Griffon and many more races which are unknown to me. I don't really care about his race to tell you the truth. I never had a boastful about full-blooded dogs.

Me and "Biggie" met back in 2012 when I was studying at "Kozani" city. I was suffering from depression at that time and since doctors weren't a great help to my situation I decided to look at other alternatives.

A friend of mine who was helping at the animal rescue at "Kozani" city suggested me that adopting a dog would definitely help me and since I am known for my spontaneity I instantly decided to adopt one. It was the best choice of my life.

Here is a photo of "Biggie" and me when I adopted him back in 2012


Just look at how tiny he was! he could easily fit just between my legs and he weighted no more than 3kg. I adopted "Biggie" when he was 3 months old.

Some stupid villagers abandoned him and his siblings in a big trash bag before the Animal Rescue found them. He was the only one who made it.
Well, better not think about it cause it makes me feel so sad!
This belongs in the past!

Anyway, if you ever raised a puppy you know how hard it is, especially if you haven't raised one before. I didn't know shit about what to do and my only guidance was my friend from the animal rescue and of course the internet.

Biggie was an unstoppable puppy. He was biting everything out of curiosity. Well, that's what puppies do! That's how they explore the world!

Just look at how sweet he was! I believe that he was around 5 months old at the photo bellow.


Just take a look at his ears! They were bigger than his head! They look like pancakes!Hahaha!

Biggie's favorite spot back when we were at "Kozani" city was the park. He just loved running free and playing with his friend "Zizel" the pitbul!


Countless hours of playing together! He hasn't seen his friend "Zizel" for over 4 years though but every time I shout her name he turns his head and looks at me with wide open eyes! I am sure he still remembers his best friend!

After I finished with my studies and moved back to "Ioannina" we were both staying at my parents house for over 1 year.

Here is a photo of my doggo chilling at his bed!


Fun Fact : He owned 2 out of 4 couches at my parent's house. One at the living room and one at my room!

My parents were negative about sharing the house with a dog at first but you know how it goes. Once they spent some weeks with him they just loved him.

I am living with my girlfriend @illusivelf for over 1 year now and my parents won't stop asking me to "lend" Biggie to them for some days! They really miss him and of course the same goes goes for Biggie too! He just loves them!

Our house is near the forest so we are enjoying big dog walks daily!
Biggie loves running free and exploring every inch of the forest!

Check out some last photos from our adventures bellow.




Biggie is my best friend and we have numerous memories together!
Living with a dog is the best. Dogs teach us humans about true friendship and love and of course how to be greedy when eating! Hahahaha!

Do you have a dog?

If you do I would love to see them! Leave a comment with a photo of your doggo and their name at the comment section bellow and I will reward all comments with a generous upvote!

Thank you all for reading my blog my friends. I hope I kept you entertained!
Much love to everyone and stay safe.

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