fTR_Crew Skate Tour in Barcelona (Part 2)

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Hello everyone, how are you?

This is the second and last part of "fTR_Crew Skate Tour In Barcelona".
Oh man, every time I browse the photos from our trip I feel so nostalgic. Barcelona is the best city I've ever been to and when I think about my next trip abroad Barcelona is the first destination that comes to my mind!

I don't really care how much times I've been there in the past, I always enjoy my BCN trips the same if not more every time!


The photo above was shot at "Parallel" skatepark. We were skating the park when a Spring shower started! It was a bummer but chilling and drinking beers with the crew can never go wrong!
By the way it's illegal to drink outside in Barcelona so if you ever visit be careful ;)

The next photos are so funny.


We found this bronze cat statue while we were roaming near MACBA.
I do not know why but everyone was so hyped to take a picture next to it including me!
Here is my favorite one with my homie @nakamapaul!


I still cannot remember where this cat was located! We never found this statue again lol!

In my humble opinion, skateboarding is the best way to explore BCN!
While searching for street spots we came across many buildings which we could have never see if we were just taking the subway.
Check this out!


I do not have the slightest idea what this building is but look at all these wires! They are like a spider web or something! Once again I can't remember where we came across that building hahaha!
Barcelona's architecture is so unique.

The next one is my personal favorite photo from our tour!
fTR_Crew and fellow Hiver @stickchumpion at "Nevermind" bar.


"Nevermind" is a bar owned by skaters for skaters. It is located in the heart of BCN and the best part is not the cheap 2 Euros beers and 5 Euros Mojitos but the indoor bowl!

A bowl inside a bar? I could stay there forever!

I have also uploaded a short 2 minutes video of us shredding this bowl for everyone who is interested in watching some skateboarding.
Check it out

Last but not least I will share with you a photo of our favorite place to chill after a hard skate session.
I can't remember this park's name cause we always called it "Poseidon's park". Being Greeks it just felt natural calling it that way lol!
Just check out how beautiful this place is.



What do you guys think about Barcelona?
Have you ever been there? If yes, how much would you rate the city in a 1-10 scale?
Let me know at the comment section bellow!


I hope you enjoyed today's blog as much as I enjoyed writing it guys.
The BCN throwbacks always feel good!
Much love to everyone and stay safe.

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