Ramadhan Sketch Challenge - Day 8 - Cage

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This is a continuous sketch challenge to support the Ramadhan Sketch Challenge 2020 initiated by @kymio of KL Sketchnation. It is something fun to do especially when I can pick up sketching again and share my art piece with the community too.

This is the sketch for the 8th day which is Cage. This is a very interesting topic about a cage. We may see cage as our obstacle of freedom, but we can see it in another perspective where it is a limitation, a limited resource that enables us to learn about appreciation. I would consider my "cage" as my own body and imagination.

Why do I think my body is a form of a cage? Well, without a good maintenance of my own body, I may not be able to explore the world, enjoy the good time and food with my loved ones, getting kids with my wife and so on. Besides, my own body also limits me in terms of movement and growth. I cannot be working 24/7 without sleep, which I will be sick and blackout for sure. I cannot be working at 100% productivity if I am sick. Thus, there are all sorts of limitation having a bio body. However, this brings us back to a point where we start to appreciate what we have and learn about utilizing limited resources. Knowing that our end is the same, which is DEATH. Therefore, it is up to us to acknowledge the cage and live on.

Next cage would be imagination. This really had a lot of impact on me later when I started to challenge myself to change and try something different. I would not have imagined that I am to go LIVE and sell stuff like a salesman. I would not have imagined I am daring enough to resign and go on to try something totally not related to my profession. I would not have imagined that I can achieve something out of my comfort zone. Well, all of those is a self-limitation factor where I told myself I cannot. So why the hell I do so? Perhaps is my subconscious which prefers to be in a safe and comfort zone. The unknown will always create uneasiness which we all do not like. Yet, it is the changes that will bring new result and improvement to our life. Hence, we need to embrace our imagination and dare to think and take action.

Well, what is the "Cage" in your life? Share it down in the comment.

If you wanna join the fun to sketch, feel free to join and just use the tag above the drawing and upload it on Instagram.

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