Ramadhan Sketch Challenge - Day 7 - Headphone

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This is a continuous sketch challenge to support the Ramadhan Sketch Challenge 2020 initiated by @kymio of KL Sketchnation. It is something fun to do especially when I can pick up sketching again and share my art piece with the community too.

This is the sketch for the 7th day which is Headphone. Through headphone, we get to appreciate the magic of music, alone in an imagined space. This is a form of solitary that I love to have from time to time as this helps me to calm and clear my mind from all other thoughts. That is also the amazing part of headphone, in a more affordable manner, we get to experience the depth and experience that the music brings to us. I am sure that we all here have our own piece of music, it can be pop music, EDM, Jazz, or even the classics. Personally, I love those music pieces can give me the goosebumps which really touched me. Plus, in different circumstances, I would prefer different music. For instance, when I am in the mode of focus, I will prefer a more powerful and epic music background to kickstart my mood. When I am more into the "trance" of doing things, I will change to a softer music background. On the other hand, when I am in a relaxed mode, I would play some pop songs that I can go along with the music while reading through news and doing some house chores.

Well, here is one of my recent and all time favourite:

Considered a read time music.

A power booster for me to focus and hustle.

Oh ya, my favourite composer, definitely goes to Hans Zimmer and Joe Hisaishi (one is my recent favourite with all the movies he did, and also another one is my childhood memory)

Well, what are your favourite music when you are doing work, studying, or even doing house chores? Or would you prefer a silent background? Feel free to share your music too!

If you wanna join the fun to sketch, feel free to join and just use the tag above the drawing and upload it on Instagram.

This is a cross post from HIVE.


Thank you for your support. Here's a !shop as token of appreciation.

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